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Come when I call
Suga/Jimin. PG. 3011 w.
Yeah, Min Yoongi has a crush on Park Jimin. Yeah, he’s maybe being a little bit mean to Jimin until he can figure it out. Yeah, he's man enough to admit it, if not quite man enough to do anything about it yet.

Good Times
Suga/V. Basically gen. PG. 2305 w.
Who invited Taehyung? Yoongi, and he regrets it.


sing with me somehow
Bobby/B.I. gen. PG. 3284 w.
Hanbin loses, but Bobby wins—and wins, and wins, and wins.

can't stay away
Bobby/B.I. PG. 5438 w.
Hanbin is mad at Bobby. It's not the end of the world but it's not fun, either.


come from behind victory
Jinyoung/Jackson. PG. 5068 w.
Fanservice isn"t a game. But if it were, Jackson Wang would be MVP.

conciliation prize
Jinyoung/Jackson. PG. 779 w.
Jackson always asks the hard-hitting questions.

boys boys boys (they love me)
Jinyoung-centric. PG. 2817 w.
Five roommates Jinyoung didn't have and one he did.

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new year new me


CLOSED thank u for participating in my kickstarter n___n your rewards will be shipped out asap!

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I don't know how to write fic anymore unless it's for other people. Help me out.


Pledge 1 comment with 1 prompt

- 50%* chance of your prompt getting written

Pledge 1 comment with 2 prompts

- 75%* chance of one of your prompts getting written

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Estimated delivery: end of September**
Ships anywhere in the world.


GOT7, BTS (preferred)
maybe SMTM (3 or 4) and iKON/Winner (depends on prompt/pairing)

- I won't write death, self-harm, or anything too explicit. Everything else (probably) is fair game!

*I didn't do well on my AP Stats test in high school.
***haha jk****
new year new me

[wip dump] brief forays into exo fandom

These were written back when I thought about joining EXO fandom. there are a million more 200-word snippets floating around in my Google drive that were never developed enough to be worth digging out (RIP always-a-girl!Kris, thirsty aspiring rapper Chanyeol/music blogger Kyungsoo). Unfortunately, Kris and then Lu Han left, rendering most of my more finished WIPs useless. I was never a serious EXO fan (another reason I could never finish a fic...) and I'm sure the characterization/meta in these reflect that u__u

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